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MicroBlue Coated NASCAR Engine
GM SB-2 ARCA engine block assembly (crankshaft / main & rod bearings / cylinders/pistons & 3-piece ductile iron ring set) that has been MicroBlue coated - the only coating that changes the way lubricants work.

MicroBlue Coated Detroit Series 60 Short Block
The pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, connecting rods, cylinder liners, main and rod bearings were coated with MicroBlue®. This engine was on display and run at the Louisville Truck Show in March 2012.

MicroBlue Low Friction Hewland Gearbox By Lee Williams
One extremely free moving gearbox for an open-wheel racecar. All internals have been treated with MicroBlue Low Friction coatings.

Colberg High-Performance Tractor
"The throttle plate stop on my pulling tractor ProPain, has been set at 650rpm at idle for several years. During a recent teardown, I MicroBlue'd the sleeves, pistons, rings, rod bearings and main bearings before re-assembly. Without touching the throttle plate stop, the idle after MicroBlue went to 1,000rpm. MicroBlue really is amazing." - Mark Colberg


Microblue 200:1 Homelight Leaf Blower Demonstration
This was performed on a standard Homelight Leaf Blower using the patented MicroBlue coating. The fuel and oil are mixed at 200:1 using 1 liter of Amoco fuel with 5cc of Homelight 2-stroke oil. Not only do the coatings enable you to run lean mixtures which produce no smoke, but the particulate emissions are virtually eliminated.

MicroBlue Ceramic Bearings: Yamaha R1
"These are microblue ceramic bearings in my Yamaha R1 front wheel. impressive spin time and very little friction." (The clicking noise you hear is the full floating brake rotors. It's normal for full floating rotors)

MIcroblue ceramic wheel bearings
Here's a couple of MicroBlue ceramic bearings being spun to show lack of friction. They're going to be used in a set of BST carbon wheels on a Yamaha R1 motorcycle.

MicroBlue Low Friction Crankshaft
This is a 1600cc Formula Ford after superfinishing and MicroBlue coating.

MicroBlue Tractor Differential
MicroBlue tractor differential, tapered bearing were super finished and MicroBlue coated. By Colberg High Performance Tractor Repair. Pre load set at .002

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