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A MicroBlue Inframe Upgrade Still Make Sense!



Because even at today’s prices, the increased mileage a genuine MicroBlue® OEM inframe kit delivers, you’ll see a payback in 7 months or less! On top of that, you’ll have all the benefits that come with it:
• Say hello to a 5-8 10ths increase in fuel mileage.
• And an additional $5000.00 in your pocket every year.
• Say goodbye to piston blow-by.
• Say hello to less oil consumption.
• Enjoy a significant increase in power and torque.
• You'll also see a significant increase in engine life.
• As well as a very noticeable reduction in vibration.

So if a rebuild is on the horizon, you need to check out what MicroBlue® inflame kit can offer.




"Just a little note to tell you how happy I am with your process. The DD 15 inframe was done on my 08 Cascadia at Clarke Power Systems in Greensboro and completed the last week of Jan 15. I now have a little over 120k on it and it is doing wonderful. Fuel mileage is up to 8 mpg on a consistent basis (nearly 1 full mpg), theres no blow-by and it uses no oil. I will be in touch with you in the near future about doing the wheel bearings and probably a 13 speed tranny around next August. I hope this finds you all well and happy. again, thanks". Ted O.



Iowa DOT Report

We were at the "Pride In Your Ride" truck show in Earlville, IA recently A gentleman walked up and proceeded to tell us how happy he was having done a MicroBlue® C-13 inframe kit last year at Terry's truck and Trailer in Dyersville, IA. First off, he was completely surprised at how much smoother the engine ran. "There's no more tingling in my hands through the steering wheel" he said. On top of that, he pointed out at how much stronger the engine pulled, and was completely devoid of any blow-by and used zero oil, but that's something we're used to hearing.

But the point he made about his increased fuel economy really capped things off. He then pulled out two 1st quarter Iowa Department of Transportation reports that detailed last years fuel usage as well as this years as shown on the right.

2014 -Total miles: 39,696 Fuel used: 7028 gallons. Calculated fuel mileage: 5.65 mpg. (winter blend)
2015 - Total miles: 38822 Fuel used: 6046 gallons. Calculated fuel mileage: 6.46 mpg. (winter blend)
Increase in fuel economy: .81 mpg. (14.34%)
Decrease in fuel usage: 982 gal. (-13.97%)

For fun, let's suppose he ran winter blend for the rest of 2015. And that he runs 150,000 miles this year as well. And diesel stays at $2.75 for the rest of the year.
That means at the old 5.65 mpg, he will use 26,549 gallons at a price of $73,009.
Now running 6.46 mpg, his usage drops to 23,220 gallons at a price of $63,854, a net savings of $9,155!
Having spent an additional $2,500 for the MicroBlue® inframe, the adjusted 
2015 profit will be approximately $6,655.00

It begs the question, why would you ever consider NOT doing a MicroBlue® upgrade on your next overhaul?




New Bearings vs Old Bearing Mileage Comparison


Our Booth At The 2014 PRI Race Show

New for 2015, we introduced our two new product lines: MicroBlue® Coated Engine Bearings and our new line of MicroBlue® Wheel Bearing Lubricants. Understanding that the current offering of coated engine bearings fall short in the friction and wear department, we thought we'd fill them in on how our bearings have been performing in Class 8 trucks. Once they found out that all of our customers (some at 500,000+ miles) that have found ZERO ppm of bearing wear metals in their oil samples (they were impressed).


WHERE'S TONY STEWART..... On the road in a big rig? What's up with that?

Can You Guess Who This Guy Is?

It's the first non-racing Sunday in quite some time, and the general feeling coming across social media is a sense of confusion.

But you can't count Tony Stewart in that camp. While some of us try to figure out what to do -- whether it's rest up for next season or whittle away time that was usually spent traveling/preparing/following race weekends -- Stewart appears to be driving a big rig on some mystery vacation -- and what could be cooler than that?

We might remember Stewart from his role in 'Smoke is the Bandit' this year, so maybe he's auditioning for a "B.J. and the Bear" revival judging by his activity on social media.


The "Louisville" of racing is the performance racing industry's show in Indianapolis, and we'll be there!

We Will Be There!

It's no secret that we were born and raised in professional motorsports, and yes, it's still a big part of our life. In the beginning, those few "truck critics" questioned what "race guys" could bring to the trucking industry. Fortunately, they were all put out to pasture in short order. We're very proud of the many (cash saving) innovations we've brought to the industry, so now we plan to turn the tables around and bring some trucking technology back to racing. To that end, we'll be introducing our new line of MicroBlue® coated engine bearings at the show. This is a big deal since all the major teams and builders attend this event to see the latest in new technology and make their buying decisions for the coming year. We think they'll be interested in knowing that we have not heard of anyone finding any bearing trace metals in their oil samples in the last three years. We think that's quite impressive.

Learn more about the 2014 PRI Show here:

SHELL ECO-MARATHON 2014: MicroBlue® - powered Alden-Congor wins the Urban Concept Diesel class with a whopping 458.7 MPG!

Tha Alden-Congor HS Shell Eco-Marathon Team Tha Alden-Congor HS Shell Eco-Marathon Team

Minnesota based Alden-Congor High School made history at the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon by winning the newly created Urban Prototype Diesel class with a dominating 458.7 mpg. Taking on the role of engine builder and bearing supplier, we built the most fuel efficient and smoothest running air-cooled Yanmar diesel this competition has ever seen. We combined this with custom-built ceramic bearings for the chassis, wheels and engine and even created a specially treated drive chain to power the rear wheels.
No stranger to this competition, Minnesota-based Alden-Congor High School designed and built the car in record time for this new-for-2014 class. A grueling Northern winter all but prevented any real testing, but their years of experience showed as they hit the ground running and never looked back. Congratulations to the whole team, we're looking forward to 2015!

Learn more about the Eco-Marathon here:

Inframe news: we just passed the 400 mark!

Our Selection Of OEM Inframe Kits

We're pleased to announce that we hit a milestone this month, 400 inframe kits (and counting). We think that's quite an accomplishment considering the fact that we shipped our first in November of 2011. That's the good news. The better news is that of all those installed, we have had no reports of any problems whatsoever. No problems with ring seal, no reports of oil unusual usage (meaning much of anything) and nothing but raves about improvements in performance, response and fuel economy. Better yet, we've had no reports from those that do regular oil samples of picking up ANY engine bearing trace metals. And we know of one customer that's surpassed 300,000 miles!


Mileage Updates: The Latest Averages

One Good Looking Big Rig

We just passed our 4-year anniversary for our truck program and the mileage improvements have been very consistent in that time. The only variations has been with the wheel bearings. And that is only due to the difficulty many have had getting their bearings adjusted correctly. We thought the addition of the Stemco® Pro-Torq nut system would do the trick, but there are still installers that insist on doing it "their" way they way (you can read more on that subject (HERE). But when they're installed right and adjusted to allow for spindle flex, they've been very consistent. Here's the latest numbers:

3-Axle Tractor Sets: 3-4/10ths. 2-Axle Drive Sets: 2-3/10ths. Trailer Sets: 2-4/10ths.

TRANSMISSIONS: 6-8/10ths. DIFFERENTIALS: 6-8/10ths. ENGINE INFRAMES: 7/10s. to 1 mpg.


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