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Engine Inframe FAQ

ENGINE INFRAME KITS - Common Installation Questions

What parts are are provided with your kits?
Everything that comes with the OEM kits, which are all the necessary hard parts, gaskets, o-rings and so forth. Everything that's required to rebuild the short block. With the exception of Caterpillar Platinum kits, which the head is provided, you will need to source a head from an outside vendor.

What parts are MicroBlue® coated?
The pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, cylinder liners and the engine bearings. The connecting rods are included with the Cat kits. Cam bearings can be included on request.

If the rings and liners are coated, won't I have problems with blow-by?
Absolutely not. Although not widely known, the majority of the blow-by comes from gasses that travel behind the rings, then pass underneath them, lifting them off the bottom ring land and then traveling down the bore. The "lubricant magnet" properties of the MicroBlue® coating retails far more oil in the ring lands, which prevents the rings from being lifted off the grooves. Much like two pieces of glass with oil between them. You simply cannot pull them apart. If you cannot lift the ring off the land, it simply cannot leak. It's that simple.

What about camshafts and crankshafts?
We do not process those parts for two reasons. One, the logistics, costs and time to ship those components are just too difficult for most shops. Two, the performance benefits just don't justify the extra cost to polish and coat them.

Will this affect their life?
To date, we know of no customer that has done any oil analysis that has picked up any trace metals from the bearings. In order for that to happen, the crankshaft and camshafts cannot have made contact with the bearings. In other words, no wear has been detected so far. And we have engines that have over 250,000 miles on them.

Do you offer aftermarket kits?
No. The primary reason for this has been the quality of the rings. We measure and evaluate every ring under a microscope to verify flatness and roundness. Since the face profile of the top two rings are critical and affect oil consumption, we have not seen any consistent quality that comes close to the OEM rings.

Do I need to do anything different when it goes together?
No. Follow your usual assembly procedure, don't do anything different. There is no size change associated with the coating, so normal clearances will not be affected. Since most people run a common mineral oil on start-up, you can continue this practice. We do however, recommend changing to a full synthetic after that. The lower viscosity will help your fuel mileage with no compromise in engine life.

Do I have to buy the inframe from you?

No. Many owners-operators ask us to supply the kits because of cost and convenience. We do however, have a number of dealers that choose to send us the kits direct. Quite honestly, if it works out better for you that way, we're fine with that. We never mark up the cost of the kit, your only additional cost is for the MicroBlue® processing.

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