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Here's The


Here's What Our Very First Customer Has To Say:

Tim Hepler

MicroBlue still on bearings after 455,060 miles confirmed by testing lab!

"Had a right rear drive wheel seal blow out and had to replace the seal and discovered the spindle had a little damage that I replaced (see other thread). I also replaced the bearings on that spindle with brand new MicroBlue Bearings and took the old one along with a new one to Metallurgical Technologies in Mooresville, NC to have tested for evidence of Tungsten and Sulfur that is the MicroBlue Tungsten Disulfide treatment to bearing surface. The bearing had 455,060 miles on it and was installed on tractor back in June 2011 that gained my truck around 4/10th mpg. I also took them a brand new MicroBlue Bearing to comparison test with my used bearing."

I have posted a picture with the 2 bearings side by side to see the used on the left that has no visual evidence of MicroBlue and new one on right that has the MicroBlue coloring and the test report with new bearing showing a higher percentage of Sulfur (S) and Tungsten (W) highlighted in yellow comparing to used one that still has good percentage on it. I also included the Invoice with testing notes that indicate no bearing wear.

New & Used Bearing

Bearing Lab Report

Everybody has been asking for this to be done and I hopefully puts to the myth to bed about MicroBlue wearing off because you can`t see it with the naked eye. Hardened steel is very porous that allows the Tungsten Disulfide treatment to be blasted in and fill these pores that makes the lubricant used to stay on bearing surface. As the notes on Invoice shows no surface abrasion on bearing.

My truck has not had any evidence of dropping off in fuel mileage since treating wheel bearings, rear end gears and transmission back in 2011 and still is posting 10+ MPG fuel runs in fuel gauges as "Dice.sTruck 2012".

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